2009 NZSEE

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Technical Presentation Sessions

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Keynote Address

The Resilient City – A Way of Thinking about Preparedness, Mitigation, and Rebuilding J Moehle, C Barkley, D Bonowitz, S Karlinsky, J Maffei and C Poland [Paper 01] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 1

Surviving Future Disasters in New Zealand D.M. Johnston, J.S. Becker, W Saunders, K Wright, M Coomer, G.S. Leonard and D Paton [Paper 02] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Proposal for a Semi-automated Post-earthquake Damage Assessment and Building Reoccupation Scheme H.R.D. Avery and J.B. Berrill [Paper 03] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Community Resilience to Earthquakes: Understanding How Individuals Make Meaning of Hazard information, and How This Relates to Preparing For Hazards J.S. Becker, D.M Johnston, D Paton and K Ronan [Paper 04] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Special Presentation: Guidelines for Post-Disaster Building Safety Evaluations D Brunsdon [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 2

Centrifuge Tests of Rocking Shallow Bridge Foundations T.B. Algie, L. Deng and B.L. Kutter [Paper 06] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Steel Frame Lateral System Concept Utilizing Replaceable Links P. Dusicka, J.W. Berman and R. Purasinghe [Paper 07] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Probabilistic Seismic Performance Assessment of a Bridge-Foundation-Soil System B.A Bradley, M Cubrinovski, R.P. Dhakal and G.A. MacRae [Paper 08] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Estimating seismic impacts on lifelines: an international review for RiskScape S Giovinazzi and A King [Paper 09] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Special Presentation: NZSEE Reconnaissance to Wenchuan P Brabhaharan, S Read, J Yu, P Yong and M Fong [Abstract] [Presentation] (11 MB)

Special Presentation: Hollow-core Floors - Guidelines for Design, Assessment and Retrofit D Hopkins [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 3A

Experience from California, USA on Seismic Retrofit of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings D Dizhur, A Russell, J.M. Ingham and P Laursen [Abstract] [Presentation]

Seismic Retrofit of Government House M Ireland, J Milburn and J Trowsdale [Abstract] [Presentation]

Reconstruction Project after Devastating 2005 Pakistan Earthquake N Ismail and J.M. Ingham [Abstract] [Presentation]

Fixing Steel Braced Frames to Concrete Structures for Earthquake Strengthening G. Balbuena and J. Kunz [Paper 15] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Seismic Assessment of Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings with Plain Round Reinforcing Bars A. Liu [Paper 16] [Abstract] [Presentation]

New Zealand Representation at the 2008 Asia Pacific IDEERS Seismic Design Competition C Knox, D Dizhur, R Lumantarna and S Green [Abstract] [Presentation]

A Tutorial on Stone Masonry Houses: A Compendium of Worldwide Experiences J.K. Bothera, A Qaisar, C.V.R. Murty, M Lutman, T Schacher and A Penna [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 3B

In-Plane Experimental Testing of Timber-Concrete Composite Floor Diaphragms M.P. Newcombe, D. Carradine, S. Pampanin, A.H. Buchanan, B.L. Deam, W.A. van Beerschoten and M. Fragiacomo [Paper 19] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Dynamic Response of URM House Subjected to Forced Vibration A.R. Abdul Karim, C Oyarzo-Vera, N.M. Sa'don and J.M. Ingham [Paper 20] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Seismic Performance of New Zealand Two-storey Brick Veneer Houses S.J. Thurston and G.J. Beattie [Paper 21] [Abstract]

Evaluation of the Seismic Energy Demand For Asymmetric-Plan Buildings Subjected to Bi-Directional Ground Motions J.L. Lin and K.C. Tsai [Paper 22] [Abstract] [Not Presented]

Floor Response Spectra for Ultimate and Serviceability Limit States of Earthquakes S.R. Uma, J.X. Zhao and A.B. King [Paper 23] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 4A

Earthquake and Tsunami Losses from Major Earthquakes Affecting the Wellington Region W.J. Cousins, W.L. Power, U.Z. Destegul, A.B. King, R. Trevethick, R. Blong, B. Weir and B. Miliauskas [Paper 24] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Borehole Instrument Centre for Eden Park: Development and Research L.M. Wotherspoon, C.L. Kenedi and P.E. Malin [Paper 25] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Seismic Intensity Measures from Strong Motion Records P.N. Davenport [Paper 26] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Precis of Natural Seismoscope Studies in the Southwestern United States and New Zealand M.W. Stirling and A. Zondervan [Paper 27] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Preliminary Results of Ground Motions Simulation for a Subduction Earthquake C. Francois-Holden, J.X. Zhao and H. Miyake [Paper 28] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 4B

Modelling of RC Moment Resisting Frames with Precast-prestressed Flooring System B.H.H. Peng, R.P. Dhakal, R.C. Fenwick, A.J. Carr and D.K. Bull [Paper 29] [Abstract] [Presentation]

A Probabilistic Seismic Loss Assessment of Advanced Post-Tensioned Precast Bridge Systems D.J Marriott, S Pampanin, D.K. Bull and A Palermo [Paper 30] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Seismic Response of Green Roofs M.O. Carmody, M. Jasarevic, P. Omenzetter, G.C. Clifton and E.A. Fassman [Paper 31] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Experimental Validation of Selective Weakening Approach for the Seismic Retrofit of Exterior Beam-Column Joints W.Y. Kam, S. Pampanin and D.K. Bull [Paper 32] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Out-of-Plane Assessment of an Unreinforced Masonry Wall: Comparison with NZSEE Recommendations H Derakhshan, J.M. Ingham and M.C. Griffith [Paper 33] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 5A

Research on Used Car Tyre Strap Reinforced Adobe Construction in Peru A.W. Charleson [Paper 34] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Inherent Strength-based Approach for Collapse Seismic Assessment of Low-rise Masonry Buildings R.K.L. Su and K.J.H. Zhou [Paper 35] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Earthquake Strengthening and Ground Improvement of the Cobham Bridge, Wanganui P. Brabhaharan, D.K. Kirkcaldie and G. Gregg [Paper 36] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Structural Collapse Rescue: Building Engineering Capability to Deal With the Consequences D.R. Brunsdon, D.K. Bull and J.S. Stuart-Black [Paper 37] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 5B

Experimental Testing and Analytical Modelling of Damage-Avoidance Steel Connections using HF2V Damping Devices G.W. Rodgers, J.B. Mander and J.G. Chase [Paper 38] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Seismic Behaviour of Timber Shear Walls with Load-limiting Slip-friction Connectors W.Y. Loo, P. Quenneville and N. Chouw [Paper 39] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Numerical Investigations on the Seismic Response of Multi-storey Hybrid Post-Tensioned Precast Concrete Frames with Non-tearing Floor Connections A.D Amaris, S. Pampanin, D.K. Bull and A.J. Carr [Paper 40] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Permanent Deflection Identification of Non-linear Structures Undergoing Seismic Excitation Using Adaptive LMS Filters M. Nayyerloo, J.G. Chase, X.Q. Chen, G.A. MacRae and M. Moghaddasi [Paper 41] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 6

Earthquake Induced Residual Displacements of Shallow Foundations M.J. Pender, T.B. Algie, L.M. Wotherspoon, M.C.R. Davies and J.C.W. Toh [Paper 42] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Effects of SSI on the Seismic Response of Older Structures Before & After Retrofit M.J. Arefi, S. Pampanin and M. Cubrinovski [Paper 43] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Effect of Lateral Stress on the Liquefaction Resistance of SCP-improved Sandy Soils R.P. Orense, K Harada, J Mukai and K Ishihara [Paper 44] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Resistance From Bridge Abutment Passive Soil Pressure in Earthquakes J.H. Wood [Paper 45] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Sensitivity Analysis of Simplified Methods for the Design of Piles in Laterally Spreading Soils J.J.M. Haskell, M. Cubrinovski and B.A. Bradley [Paper 46] [Abstract] [Presentation]

A Macro-element for Pile Head Response to Cyclic Lateral Loading N.M. Sa’don, M.J. Pender and A.R. Abdul Karim [Paper 47] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 7

It’s Our Fault: Better Defining the Earthquake Risk in Wellington - Results to Date & a Look to the Future R. Van Dissen, K. Berryman, A. King, T. Webb, H. Brackley, P. Barnes, J. Beavan, R. Benites, P. Barker, R. Carne, U. Cochran, G. Dellow, B. Fry, M. Hemphill-Haley, C. Francois-Holden, G. Lamarche, R. Langridge, N. Litchfield, T. Little, G. McVerry, D. Ninis, N. Palmer, N. Perrin, N. Pondard, S. Semmens, W. Stephenson, R. Robinson, P. Villamor, L. Wallace and K. Wilson [Paper 48] [Poster] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Earthquake Resistant Design of Tied-Back Retaining Structures K.J. McManus [Paper 49] [Abstract] [Presentation]

The Initial Assessment of Earthquake Prone Buildings: A Wairarapa Experience M.L. Rafferty [Paper 50] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Performance Focussed Conceptual Design to Enhance Route Security, Transmission Gully Highway, Wellington P. Brabhaharan [Paper 51] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Why Do We Still Tolerate Buildings That Are Unsafe in Earthquakes? J.K. Bothara and R.D. Sharpe [Paper 52] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Poster Session

Analytical Model for Shear Strengthening of RC Beam-Column Joints Using Composite Materials UA Akguzel and SP Pampanin [Paper 53] [Abstract]

Seismic Response Reduction of a 12-storey Reinforced Concrete Structure Using Semi-active Resettable Devices R. Franco-Anaya, A.J. Carr and J.G. Chase [Paper 54] [Poster] [Abstract]

Quasi-elastic Stiffness of Auckland Clays A. Ibrahim, R.P. Orense, M.J. Pender and N. Kikkawa [Paper 55] [Poster] [Abstract]

Building Community Resilience Through Community-based Education Programmes D.M. Johnston, K Finnis, J.S. Becker, G.S. Leonard, W Saunders, K Wright, D Paton and K Ronan [Paper 56] [Abstract]

Investigation of Traffic-induced Floor vibrations in a Building B. Li, T. Zou and P. Omenzetter [Paper 57] [Poster] [Abstract]

Monte Carlo Simulation of SSI Effects Using Simple Rheological Soil Model M. Moghaddasi K., M. Cubrinovski, S. Pampanin, A. Carr and J.G. Chase [Paper 58] [Abstract]

Full-Scale Experimental Validation of a DAD Post-Tensioned Concrete Connection Utilising Embedded High Force-to-Volume Lead Dampers G.W. Rodgers, J.B. Mander and J.G. Chase [Paper 59] [Abstract]

Earthquake Protection by Tire-Soil Mixtures: Numerical Study X Xu, S.H. Lo, H.H. Tsang and M.N. Sheikh [Paper 60] [Poster] [Abstract]

Qualitative Analysis of Seismic Damage to Colombian Reinforced Concrete Framed Buildings J Chanchí, M Villada, J Barrios and M Bedoya [Poster] [Abstract]

In-Situ Out-of-Plane Testing of Unreinforced Masonry Partition Walls D Dizhur, H Derakhshan, J Cuthbert and J.M. Ingham [Abstract]

Why Are Building Owners of EPBs Reluctant to Retrofit? T Egbelakin, S.J. Wilkinson and J.M. Ingham [Abstract]

Seismic Response of Full-Scale Prestressed Timber Beam-Column Joint A. Iqbal, S. Pampanin and A.H. Buchanan [Abstract]

Seismic Performance of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil P. Jackson, E. Bowman and M Cubrinovski [Abstract]

Retrofit Cost Modelling of Existing Structures in New Zealand R Jafarzadeh and S.J. Wilkinson [Abstract]

Development and Validation of a Non-Tearing Floor Precast Concrete Structural System for Seismic Regions B. Leslie, D.K. Bull and S. Pampanin [Abstract]

Overstrength Factors for Seismic Design of Steel Structures S. Leslie, G.A. MacRae and M. Staiger [Poster] [Abstract]

Effecs of Strain Ageing on New Zealand Reinforcing Steel Bars A Momtahan, R.P. Dhakal and A Rieder [Poster] [Abstract]

Seismic Response of Full-Scale Prestressed Timber Beam-Column Joint M. Newcombe, S. Pampanin and A.H. Buchanan [Poster] [Abstract]

Seismic Zonation and Default Suite of Ground Motion Records for Time-history Analysis in New Zealand C Oyarzo-Vera, R Fleming, G McVerry and J.M. Ingham [Abstract]

Vertical Acceleration Effects on Buildings J. Singh, G.A. MacRae and B.L. Deam [Poster] [Abstract]

Flexible Floor Diaphragm Seismic Response M. Spooner, G.A. MacRae, B.L. Deam, V Sadashiva and D Gardiner [Poster] [Abstract]

Earthquake effects on Waste Water Systems M.R. Zare and S.J. Wilkinson [Poster] [Abstract]

New Zealand Representation at the 2008 Asia Pacific IDEERS Seismic Design Competition - Undergraduate Division T Zou, C Van Houtte, E McArley, D Fehsenfeld and Q.T. Ma [Poster] [Abstract]

CD Cover Art: Inangahua Junction Bridge after the 1968 earthquake, Photo credit: PhilipC (http://www.flickr.com/photos/flissphil/6985750/)

Banner Photo: A masonry building damaged in the 2007 Gisborne earthquake