2005 NZSEE

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Technical Presentation Sessions

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Engineering Characterization of Near Fault Ground Motions P.G. Somerville [Paper 01] [Abstract]

Session 1 : Defining Earthquake Hazards

A palaeoseismological investigation of the Cadell Fault Zone, Victoria, Australia A. Heath, D. Clarke, G. Gibson, K. McCue and R. Van Dissen [Paper 02] [Abstract]

On the seismicity of the Buller region, New Zealand P.J. Stafford, J.B. Berrill and J.R. Pettinga [Paper 03] [Abstract]

Characterisation of late Quaternary displacements on the Waitangi Fault at Aviemore Dam, New Zealand D.J.A. Barrell, R.J. Van Dissen, K.R. Berryman and S.A.L Read [Paper 04] [Abstract]

A time of recurrence model for large earthquakes E.G.C. Smith and A. Christophersen [Paper 05] [Abstract]

A tested method of long-range earthquake forecasting D.A. Rhoades and F.F. Evison [Paper 06] [Abstract]

How big, how often and how strong? Aftershocks and urban search and rescue operations G.H. McVerry, W.J. Cousins, D.K. Bull and D.R. Brunsdon [Paper 07] [Abstract]

Session 2 : Understanding Local Effects

Spatial distribution of ground shaking D.J. Dowrick and D.A. Rhoades [Paper 08] [Abstract]

Use of microtremors to assess local site effects P.N. Davenport and W.R. Stephenson [Paper 09] [Abstract]

Shallow shear-wave velocity from ReMi™ surface wave dispersion: method and case study A.E. Kaiser and E.G.C. Smith [Paper 10] [Abstract]

Effects of earthquake magnitude and source distance on the response spectral amplification ratios of soft-soil sites J. Zhao, J. Zhang and K. Irikura [Paper 11] [Abstract]

Session3 : Poster Papers

Effects of non-linear soil deformation on the response of simple 2-D basins J. Zhang and J.X. Zhao [Paper 12] [Abstract]

Shear model for URM walls retrofitted with FRP M.A. El Gawady [Paper 13] [Abstract]

Seismic design of multi-storey buildings using Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) A. Palermo, S. Pampanin, A. Buchanan and M. Newcombe [Paper 14] [Abstract]

On the flexural ductility of very lightly reinforced concrete sections R.A. Davey and E.L. Blaikie [Paper 15] [Abstract]

Session 4 : Learning From Earthquakes

Performance of highway bridges under Chuetsu Earthquake, Japan S. Shanmuganathan [Paper 16] [Abstract]

Fire-fighting and rescue operations after earthquakes – lessons from Japan G. Thomas [Paper 17] [Abstract]

Precision achievable in earthquake loss modelling W.J. Cousins [Paper 18] [Abstract]

Session 5 : Assessing Effects on the Built Environment

Time history analysis as a method of implementing performance based design W. Tremayne and T.E. Kelly [Paper 19] [Abstract]

Modelling rocking structures using standard finite elements Q.T. Ma, J.W. Butterworth and B.J. Davidson [Paper 20] [Abstract]

Whole house seismic racking evaluation S.J. Thurston [Paper 21] [Abstract]

Methodology for the seismic assessment of face-loaded unreinforced masonry walls and parapets E.L. Blaikie and R.A. Davey [Paper 22] [Abstract]

Interaction between ductile RC perimeter frames and floor slabs containing precast units R.C. Fenwick, B.J. Davidson and D.B.N. Lau [Paper 23] [Abstract]

Reinforced concrete seating details of hollow-core floor systems C.J. MacPherson, J.B. Mander and D.K. Bull [Paper 24] [Abstract]

Session 6 : Making Progress

Risk assessment: providing an objective basis for risk management decisions W.D. Smith [Paper 25] [Abstract]

NZSEE working party on integrated planning for earthquake response – 2004 report D.R. Brunsdon [Paper 26] [Abstract]

Session 7 : Planning & Mitigation for Earthquake Performance

The performance of hillside earth fills under earthquake loading I.R. Brown and T.J. Larkin [Paper 27] [Abstract]

Seismic assessment and retrofitting of New Zealand state highway bridges H.E. Chapman, M.K. Lauder and J.H. Wood [Paper 28] [Abstract]

Seismic assessment of the Clarence River bridge K-Y Ho and A. Murashev [Paper 29] [Abstract]

The seismic assessment and retrofit of the Shell Gully bridges D.K. Kirkcaldie, J. Hobman and G.J. Saul [Paper 30] [Abstract]

Vulnerability assessment and retrofit strategies for existing under-designed R.C. frame buildings S. Pampanin [Paper 31] [Abstract]

Improving seismic safety of adobe construction with used car-tyre strips: preliminary investigations A.W. Charleson and M.A. French [Paper 32] [Abstract]

Session 8 : Performance Based Design for Earthquake Performance

Direct displacement-based seismic design M.J.N. Priestley, D.N. Grant and C.A. Blandon [Paper 33] [Abstract]

A displacement-focused, force-based structural design procedure B.L. Deam [Paper 34] [Abstract]

Resetable devices with customised performance for semi-active seismic hazard mitigation of structures J.G. Chase, K.J. Mulligan, A. Gue, J.B. Mander, T. Alnot, G. Rodgers, B.L. Deam, L. Cleeve and D. Heaton [Paper 35] [Abstract]

Application of hybrid concept for an improved seismic ductile design of bridges A. Palermo and S. Pampanin [Paper 36] [Abstract]

Performance based earthquake risk mitigation of retaining walls at Ngaio Gorge, Wellington P. Brabhaharan and G.J. Saul [Paper 37] [Abstract]

Session 9 : Designing for Earthquake Resistance

Strategy for anti-buckling design of transverse reinforcement R.P. Dhakal [Paper 38] [Abstract]

Earthquake design of rectangular underground structures J.H. Wood [Paper 39] [Abstract]

Approaches to design of shallow foundations for low-rise framed structures M.J. Pender, L.M. Wotherspoon, J.M. Ingham and A.J. Carr [Paper 40] [Abstract]

Inclined reinforcement to prevent soil liquefaction K.J. McManus, J.P. Turner and G. Charton [Paper 41] [Abstract]

Potential seismic resistant design strategies from other fields E. Reich and A.W. Charleson [Paper 42] [Abstract]

Seismic performance of URM walls retrofitted using FRP M.A. El Gawady, P. Lestuzzi and M. Badoux [Paper 43] [Abstract]

CD photos: The impact of the Magnitude 9, Northern Sumatra Earthquake and South Asian Tsunami of 26 December 2004.

The Society gratefully acknowledges the sponsorship of the Earthquake Commission