2008 NZSEE

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Technical Presentation Sessions

Keynote Address

Learning from earthquakes and the US plan for coordinating post-earthquake investigations T.L. Holzer [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 1

Implementing the Building Act 2004 – Wellington City Approach C.M. Stevens and K.E. Wheeler [Paper 70] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Reflections on aspects of New Zealand’s seismic resilience: comparisons with Californian practice A.W. Charleson [Paper 59] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Resilience Urgently Required for a Brittle System Producing Brittle Buildings J.M. Scarry [Paper 07] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 2

The 20 December 2007 Gisborne Earthquake and GeoNet observations of it G. McVerry and S. Samsonov [Presentation]

The built environment of Gisborne, prior to the earthquake, and immediately after it I. Petty [Presentation]

The rapid building safety evaluation (triaging) of CBD buildings D. Brunsdon [Presentation]

The earthquake’s impacts on buildings and lifelines N. Evans and J. Wells [Presentation]

The earthquake's impacts on particular buildings P. Smith [Presentation]

The EQC response and the earthquake's impacts on residential properties L. Dixon [Presentation]

Key matters arising from the earthquake experience D. Hopkins [Presentation]

Session 3

Seismic Loss Estimation for Efficient Decision Making B.A. Bradley, R.P. Dhakal, M. Cubrinovski, G.A. MacRae and D.S. Lee [Paper 32] [Abstract] [Presentation]

The Challenges of Reconstruction after the October 2005 Kashmir Earthquake H. Mumtaz, S.H. Mughal, M.E. Stephenson and J.K. Bothara [Paper 34] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Appropriateness of Seismic Strengthening Interventions in Heritage Buildings: A Framework for Appraisal A.G. Cattanach, G.W.J Alley and A.W. Thornton [Paper 30] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Performance Assessment of Existing Buildings in New Zealand S.R. Uma, J.K. Bothara, R. Jury and A.B. King [Paper 45] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Seismic design of bridge structures with allowance for large relative girder movements to avoid pounding N. Chouw and H. Hao [Paper 10] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Effect of bearing characteristics on the response of friction pendulum base-isolated buildings under three components of earthquake excitation M. Rabiei [Paper 17] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 4

A Ground Shaking Amplification Map for New Zealand U.D. Destegul, G.D. Dellow and D.H. Heron [Paper 41] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Design of Retaining Walls for Outward Displacement in Earthquakes J.H. Wood [Paper 12] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Nonlinear Foundation Response of Liquid Storage Tanks under Seismic Loading M.A. Chung and T.J. Larkin [Paper 43] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Revised NZSEE Recommendations for Seismic Design of Storage Tanks D. Whittaker and D. Saunders [Paper 04] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Earthquake performance and permanent displacements of shallow foundations J.C.W. Toh and M.J. Pender [Paper 40] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Preliminary analysis on critical factors for restoration of water distribution pipelines in the Hutt City after a magnitude 7.5 earthquake from the Wellington fault J.X. Zhao, W.J. Cousins, B. Lukovic and W. Smith [Paper 51] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 5

Ground motion records for time-history analysis of URM buildings in New Zealand – The North Island C.A. Oyarzo-Vera, G.H. McVerry and J.M. Ingham [Paper 25] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Internal forces of concrete floor diaphragms in multi-storey buildings D.R. Gardiner, D.K. Bull and A.J. Carr [Paper 21] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Seismic Performance of Hollow-core Flooring: the Significance of Negative Bending Moments L.J. Woods, R.C. Fenwick and D.K. Bull [Paper 24] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Experimental study on the seismic performance of RC moment resisting frames with precast-prestressed floor units B.H.H. Peng, R.C. Fenwick, R.P. Dhakal and D.K. Bull [Paper 37] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Session 6

The Damage Avoidance Design of tall steel frame buildings - Fairlie Terrace Student Accommodation Project, Victoria University of Wellington. S.M Gledhill, G.F. Sidwell and D.K. Bell [Paper 63] [Abstract]

Plastic shear strength of continuous reinforced beams C.R. Gurley [Paper 19] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Finite Element Analysis of Old Steel Buildings in NZ M. Naderi [Paper 06] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Assessment of material strain limits for defining plastic regions in concrete structures A.F. Walker and R.P. Dhakal [Paper 09] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Seismic Performance Assessment of Inadequately Detailed Reinforced Concrete Columns A. Boys, D.K. Bull and S. Pampanin [Paper 29] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Forced vibration testing of a thirteen storey concrete building F. Shabbir and P. Omenzetter [Paper 08] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Poster Session

Visualisation and classification of dynamic structural health monitoring data for assessment of structural condition O.R. de Lautour and P. Omenzetter [Paper 03] [Abstract]

Exploring the Feasibility of a Floor System Detached From Seismic Beams in Moment Resisting Frame Buildings R.P. Dhakal [Paper 18] [Abstract]

Experimental Investigation on a Hybrid Jointed Precast Frame with Non-tearing Floor Connections A. Amaris, S. Pampanin, D.K. Bull and A.J. Carr [Paper 26] [Abstract]

Architectural characterisation and prevalence of New Zealand's unreinforced masonry building stock A.P. Russell and J.M. Ingham [Paper 36] [Abstract]

Design Procedure and Behaviour of the Advanced Flag-Shape (AFS) Systems for Moment-Resisting Frame Structures W.Y. Kam, S. Pampanin, A. Palermo and A.J. Carr [Paper 38] [Abstract]

Dynamic Testing of Precast, Post-Tensioned Rocking Wall Systems With Alternative Dissipating Solutions D.J. Marriott, S. Pampanin, A. Palermo and D.K. Bull [Paper 39] [Abstract]

Qualification of Fibre-Optic Gyroscopes for Civil Engineering Applications R. Franco-Anaya, A.J. Carr and K.U. Schreiber [Paper 42] [Abstract]

In-plane stiffness of wooden floor A. Brignola, S. Podestà and S. Pampanin [Paper 49] [Abstract]

Liquefaction Remediation by Compaction Grouting R.P. Orense [Paper 50] [Abstract]

Seismically Induced Landslide Mitigation Using Flexible Slope Stabilization and Protection Systems S. Farrand and A. Teen [Paper 55] [Abstract]

Lessons from the 2007 Asia Pacific IDEERS Seismic Resistant Design Competition R.A. da Silva, D. Dizhur, R. Lumantarna, J.T. O'Hagan and Q.T. Ma [Paper 61] [Abstract]

Free vibration tests of a scale model of the South Rangitikei Railway Bridge Q.T. Ma and M.H. Khan [Paper 62] [Abstract]

Simple Design for Yielding Structures Subject to Torsion E.V. Au, G.A. MacRae, D. Pettinga, B.L. Deam and V.K. Sadashiva [Abstract]

Axial Shortening Effects of Steel Columns in Frames C.R. Urmson, G.A. MacRae, W.R. Walpole, P.J. Moss, K. Hyde and G.C. Clifton [Abstract]

Tsunami Effects on Structures M.G. Hewson, R.I. Nokes and G.A. MacRae [Abstract]

Data Processing of observed damage and reconstruction costs after 2002 Molise Earthquake in Italy S. Giovinazzi and S. Podestà [Abstract]

Assessing the resilence of roading organisations to earthquakes S. Giovinazzi, A. Dantas, F. Ferreira and E. Seville [Abstract]

Session 8

Determination of Acceptable Structural Irregularity Limits for the Use of Simplified Seismic Design Methods V.K. Sadashiva, G.A. MacRae, B.L. Deam and R.C. Fenwick [Paper 14] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Base Shear Scaling B.J. Davidson [Paper 58] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Feasibility and detailing of Prestressed Timber Buildings for Seismic Areas T. Smith, S. Pampanin, A.H. Buchanan and M. Fragiacomo [Paper 53] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Experimental Study of Prestressed Timber Columns under Bi-directional Seismic Loading A. Iqbal, S. Pampanin and A.H. Buchanan [Paper 31] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Dynamic performance of timber diaphragms in the 1903 Nathan Building A.W. Wilson, C.A. Oyarzo-Vera, P. Omenzetter, N. Chouw and J.M. Ingham [Paper 05] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Post-Disaster Benefits of Upgrading Residential Dwellings Foundations G.C. Thomas and J.D. Irvine [Paper 56] [Abstract] [Presentation]

Seismic performance of brick veneer houses S.J. Thurston and G.J. Beattie [Paper 11] [Abstract] [Presentation]

CD photos: The 20 December 2007 Gisborne Earthquake, Noel Evans, OPUS, Napier