2006 NZSEE

Author Index

Technical Presentation Sessions

Keynote Address

From Brittle to Ductile: 75 Years of Seismic Design in New Zealand L.M. Megget [Paper 01] [Abstract]

Learning from Hawke's Bay 1931 Earthquake

Lessons from the Performance of Buildings in the Mw 7.8 Hawke's Bay Earthquake of 1931 D.J. Dowrick [Paper 02] [Abstract]

Post-earthquake Fire Spread between Buildings – Correlation with 1931 Napier Earthquake G.C. Thomas, R. Schmid, W.J. Cousins, D.W. Heron and B. Lukovic [Paper 03] [Abstract]

Lessons on Response and Recovery from the 1931 Hawke’s Bay Earthquake N.L. Evans [Paper 04] [Abstract]

Changes to the Seismic Design of Houses in New Zealand G.J. Beattie and S.J. Thurston [Paper 05] [Abstract]

Performance Assessment and Retrofit

Seismic Performance of the Terrace Tunnel Approach Walls, Wellington F.J. O'Riley, P. Brabhaharan and D.L. Stewart [Paper 06] [Abstract]

Conceptual Retrofit Strategy for Existing Hollowcore Seating Connections J.P. Jensen, D.K. Bull and S. Pampanin [Paper 07] [Abstract]

Feasibility of Retrofitting Residential Buildings in Istanbul D.C. Hopkins, R. Sharpe, H. Sucuoglu and D. Kubin [Paper 08] [Abstract]

Concept and Implementation of a Selective Weakening Approach for the Seismic Retrofit of RC Buildings M.G. Ireland, S. Pampanin and D.K. Bull [Paper 09] [Abstract]

Verification of Raker Shores using New Zealand Timber T.M. Pettigrew, M. Fragiacomo and D.K. Bull [Paper 10] [Abstract]

Decision Making for Risk Mitigation

Decision Tools for Earthquake Risk Management, Including Net Present Value and Expected Utility W.D. Smith and G.A Vignaux [Paper 11] [Abstract]

Recent Advances in Improving the Resilience of Road Networks P. Brabhaharan [Paper 12] [Abstract]

Seattle Fault Scenario - A Decision-making Tool for Earthquake Risk G.A. MacRae, D. Ballantyne, M. Stewart and J. Preuss [Paper 13] [Abstract]

Vulnerability Methods and Damage Scenario for Seismic Risk Analysis As Support to Retrofit Strategies: An European Perspective S. Giovinazzi, S. Lagomarsino and S. Pampanin [Paper 14] [Abstract]

Behaviour of Walls and Piers

The Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Rocking Wall Behaviour M. Browne, A.J. Carr and D.K. Bull [Paper 15] [Abstract]

An Alternative Mathematical Model for a Controlled Rocking System Q.T. Ma, J.W. Butterworth and B.J. Davidson [Paper 16] [Abstract]

Probabilistic Analysis of Rocking Blocks M.A. ElGawady, Q.T. Ma, J.W. Butterworth and J.M. Ingham [Paper 17] [Abstract]

Hybrid Experimental Analysis of Semi-active Rocking Wall Systems K.J. Mulligan, M. Fougere, J.B. Mander, J.G. Chase, B.L. Deam, G. Danton and R.B. Elliot [Paper 18] [Abstract]

Experimental Validation of High-performance Hybrid Bridge Piers D. Marriott, A. Boys, S. Pampanin and A. Palermo [Paper 19] [Abstract]

Financial Seismic Risk Assessment of RC Bridge Piers using a Distribution-free Approach K. Solberg, J.B. Mander and R.P. Dhakal [Paper 20] [Abstract]

Understanding Reinforced Concrete Behaviour

The Influence of Diaphragms on Strength of Beams R. Fenwick, D.K. Bull, C. MacPherson and R. Lindsay [Paper 21] [Abstract]

A Concept for Consideration of Slab Effects on Building Seismic Performance G.A. MacRae and U. Gunasekaran [Paper 22] [Abstract]

Three-dimensional Modelling of Poorly Detailed RC Frame Joints R. Eligehausen, J. Ožbolt, G. Genesio, M.S. Hoehler and S. Pampanin [Paper 23] [Abstract]

Uni and Bi-directional Quasi Static Tests on Alternative Hybrid Precast Beam Column Joint Subassemblies A. Amaris, S. Pampanin and A. Palermo [Paper 24] [Abstract]

Accounting for the Effects on Residual Deformations Due to Torsional Response J.D. Pettinga, M.J.N. Priestley, S. Pampanin and C. Christopoulos [Paper 25] [Abstract]

Modelling Earthquake Performance

Three Dimensional Pile Finite Element Modelling using OpenSees L.M. Wotherspoon [Paper 26] [Abstract]

Shallow Foundation Stiffness: Continuous Soil and Discrete Spring Models Compared M.J. Pender, L.M. Wotherspoon, J.M. Ingham and A.J. Carr [Paper 27] [Abstract]

Probabilistic Formulation of a Performance-based Matrix Combining Maximum and Residual Deformations S.R. Uma, S. Pampanin and C. Christopoulos [Paper 28] [Abstract]

Column Axial Shortening Effects in Steel Frames G.A. MacRae, K. Hyde, W.R. Walpole, P.J. Moss, C. Hyland, G.C. Clifton and N. Mago [Paper 29] [Abstract]

Riskscape New Zealand - A Multihazard Loss Modelling Tool A.B. King and R. Bell [Paper 30] [Abstract]

Earthquake Risk Buildings R. Jury [Paper 52] [Abstract]

Earthquake Performance

Preliminary Reconnaissance Report for the Kashmir Earthquake of 8 October 2005 G.D. Dellow, Q. Ali, S.M. Ali, S. Hussain, B. Khazai and A. Nisar [Paper 31] [Abstract]

Assessment of the Potential for Earthquake Induced Lateral Spreading S. Palmer [Paper 32] [Abstract]

Behaviour of Piles in Liquefied Deposits During Earthquakes M. Cubrinovski [Paper 33] [Abstract]

Earthquake Risk Assessment of Flood Protection Assets in the Wellington Region A.K. Murashev, R. Davey, P. Brabhaharan and B. Curley [Paper 34] [Abstract]

Precast/prestressed Concrete Systems at Seismic Prone Area in Indonesia S. Wijanto [Paper 35] [Abstract]

Soft First Story with Seismic Isolation System A. Iqbal [Paper 36] [Abstract]

Poster Papers

Earthquake Engineering N Z Business Cluster Leveraging Benefits and Opportunities, a Facilitator's Perspective G. Carroll [Paper 43] [Abstract]

Restoration of Earthquake Damaged Water Distribution Systems P.N. Davenport, B. Lukovic and W.J. Cousins [Paper 44] [Abstract]

Retrofitting of Masonry Walls using Shotcrete M.A. ElGawady, P. Lestuzzi and M. Badoux [Paper 45] [Abstract]

Benefit-cost Study for 369 Apartment Buildings in Istanbul D.C. Hopkins, A. Arikan and R.D. Sharpe [Paper 46] [Abstract]

Decision Making Tools for Seismic Risk G.A. MacRae [Paper 47] [Abstract]

Seismic Retrofitting of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings in Italy S. Frumento, S. Giovinazzi, S. Lagomarsino and S. Podestà [Paper 48] [Abstract]

Spectral Evaluation of High Force-volume Lead Dampers for Structural Response Reduction G.W. Rodgers, C.S. Denmead, N.C. Leach, J.G. Chase and J.B. Mander [Paper 49] [Abstract]

Design of Chinese Steel T V Towers X. Ma and Z. Wang [Paper 50] [Abstract]

Experimental Study on Concrete Slabs Reinforced by Specially Shaped High-strength Steel Bars X. Ma, G. Nie, Z. Zhong and D. Li [Paper 51] [Abstract]

Continuous Column Effects on Frame Seismic Behaviour Y. Kimura and G.A. MacRae [Paper 53] [Abstract]

The Roglider – a Sliding Bearing with an Elastic Restoring Force W.H. Robinson, C.R. Gannon and J. Meyer [Paper 54] [Abstract]

An Innovative Seismic Isolation Device/system Suitable for Existing Shallow Foundation Structures C. Balaji [Paper 55] [Abstract]

Displacement Profile for the Displacement Based Design of Moment Resisting Frames A. Yavas and Ş. Saylan [Paper 56] [Abstract]

Design and Development

Effects of Significant Earthquakes on the Development of Earthquake Engineering R. Reitherman [Paper 37] [Abstract]

Adapting the Structural Design Actions Standard for the Seismic Design of New Industrial Plant G.H. Lindup [Paper 38] [Abstract]

Critical Earthquake Risk Detailing in New Zealand’s Multi-storey Building Stock: Understanding and Improving the Current Perception H.A. Schofield, J.M. Ingham and S. Pampanin [Paper 39] [Abstract]

A Design Guide for High Level Storage Racking with Public Access G.J. Beattie [Paper 40] [Abstract]

The Structural Requirements of Emergency Operations Centres for Earthquake D.R. Brunsdon, A.B. King and M.C. Cathie [Paper 41] [Abstract]

Experimental Development and Analysis of a High Force/volume Extrusion Damper G.W. Rodgers, C.S. Denmead, N.C. Leach, J.G. Chase and J.B. Mander [Paper 42] [Abstract]

CD photos: The Hawke's Bay Earthquake of 1931.