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3.a Reinforced Concrete

[Paper 024]

Preliminary observations from biaxial testing of a two-storey, two-by-one bay, reinforced concrete slotted beam superassembly

C.A. Muir, S. Pampanin & D.K. Bull

[Paper 072]

Wall-to-floor interaction in concrete buildings with rocking wall systems

R.S. Henry, J.M. Ingham & S. Sritharan

[Paper 058]

A Parametric Study of R.C. Slab in Beam-Column Connection under Cyclic Loading

Saddam M. Ahmed, Umarani  Gunasekaran & Gregory A. MacRae

[Paper 116]

Shake table tests of non-ductile RC frames retrofitted with GFRP laminates in beam column joints and selective weakening in floor slabs

P.Quintana  Gallo, U. Akguzel, S. Pampanin, A.J. Carr & P. Bonelli

[Paper 085]

Experiments on Reinforced Concrete Frames with Brick Infill

Tsung-Chih  Chiou, Shyh-Jiann  Hwang & Fu-Pei  Hsiao

[Paper 128]

European research on seismic behaviour of precast structures

G. Toniolo

3.b Structural Engineering

[Paper 076]

Non-linear equivalent frame modelling - Assessment of a two storey perforated unreinforced masonry wall

C.L. Knox & J.M. Ingham

[Paper 083]

NEES Integrated Seismic Risk Assessment Framework(NISRAF)

S.L. Lin, J. Li, A.S. Elnashai & B.F. Spencer

[Paper 111]

Structural efficiency by analysis: The Fonterra Dryer Plant, Darfield

N.J. Brooke, T.J. Stuart, B.J. Davidson, S. Blain & P. Clark

[Paper 121]

Understanding cladding damage: A numerical investigation into a Christchurch earthquake case study

A. Baird, A. Palermo & S. Pampanin

[Paper 064]

Improving the Seismic Resilience of Lifeline Tunnels

V.S. Romero & R.J. Caulfield

[Paper 066]

Experimental Modal Identification of Structures under Earthquake Excitation

Sherif  Beskhyroun, Quincy T. Ma, Liam  Wotherspoon & Barry J. Davidson

Keynote Session

[Paper 001]

What can we do about earthquakes? Towards a systematic approach to seismic risk mitigation

David  Alexander

5 Plenary Session

Presentation 136

A Time-dependent Update of the National Seismic Hazard Model for the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence

M.C. Gerstenberger, K. Berryman, A. Christophersen, B. Fry, G.H. McVerry, A. Nicol, J. Pettinga, M. Reyners, D. Rhoades, S. Steacy, M.W. Stirling, T. Webb & C. Williams

[Paper 036]

A review of post-earthquake building control policies with respect to the recovery of the Christchurch CBD

B.D. Galloway & H.J. Hare

[Paper 045]

"Low risk does not equal no risk": understanding barriers to earthquake risk reduction in low seismic hazard areas

D.M. Johnston, C. Orchiston, C. Weaver, J. Becker, S. McBride, D. Paton, J. McClure & T.M. Wilson

6.a Engineering Seismology

[Paper 037]

Observed Ground Motions in the 4 September 2010 Darfield and 22 February 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes

B.A. Bradley

[Paper 049]

Lessons from the Canterbury events: preliminary improvements to the online felt reports

T. Goded, K.F. Fenaughty & R.J. Michell

[Paper 061]

Kinematic source studies of the ongoing (2010-2011) sequence of recent large earthquakes in Canterbury

C. Holden & J. Beavan

[Paper 115]

Spectra and PGAs for the Assessment and Reconstruction of Christchurch

G.H. McVerry, M.C. Gerstenberger, D.A. Rhoades & M.W. Stirling

[Paper 048]

New National Seismic Hazard Model for New Zealand: Changes to Estimated Long-Term Hazard

M.W. Stirling, G.H. McVerry & M.C. Gerstenberger

[Paper 134]

Construction Cost Implications of the Increased Seismic Coefficient Z for Christchurch: A Case Study

A.D. Amaris & K. Hoglund

6.b Performance of Bridges

[Paper 018]

Analyses of State Highway Bridges Damaged in the Darfield and Christchurch Earthquakes

J.H. Wood

[Paper 102]

Seismic Improvement of the SH 5 Mohaka River Bridge

D.K. Kirkcaldie, P. Brabhaharan, C. Wang, E. Blaikie & G. Gregg

[Paper 059]

Post Earthquake Transportation Network Performance: Transportation of Injured to Medical Facilities

S. Rahimian & S. McNeil

[Paper 104]

Critically damaged bridges & concepts for earthquake recovery

J. Waldin, J. Jennings & P. Routledge

[Paper 101]

Damage assessment, analysis and modelling of bridgesin non-liquefiable soil during Canterbury earthquakes

A. Palermo, M. Brando & E. Camnasio

[Paper 032]

An improved method for conveying earthquake loss data utilising Monte Carlo simulations

M.R. Cutfield & Q.T. Ma

7.a Geotechnical Engineering

[Paper 007]

Soil liquefaction and slope failures during the 2011 Tohoku, Japan Earthquake

R.P. Orense

[Paper 123]

Application of new Gel-push sampling procedure to obtain high quality laboratory test data for advanced geotechnical analyses

M.L. Taylor, M. Cubrinovski & I. Haycock

[Paper 095]

Full Scale Testing of Ground Remediation Options for Residential Property Repair following the Canterbury Earthquakes

H.J. Bowen, P.J. Millar & N.J. Traylen

[Paper 031]

Earthquake geotechnical engineering issues associated with design of Waikato Expressway.

A. Murashev, C. Keepa & G. Hayes

[Paper 010]

Progressive mainshock-aftershock damage in Christchurch, New Zealand

H.B. Mason & Z. Chen

[Paper 022]

Pre and post-earthquake dynamic analysis of an RC building including soil-structure interaction

F. Butt & P. Omenzetter

[Paper 021]

Detailed Seismic Assessment and Seismic Improvements of Market Road Underpass

D. Novakov, D. Ashby, T. Chin, A. George & G. Gregg

7.b Analysis/Design of Buildings

[Paper 035]

Performance Objectives for Low Damage Seismic Design of Buildings

H.John  Hare, Stuart J. Oliver & Bruce D. Galloway

[Paper 042]

Nonlinear Analysis Acceptance Criteria for the Seismic Performance of Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings

S.J. Oliver, A.G. Boys & D.J. Marriott

[Paper 011]

Inter-storey Drift Limits for Buildings at Ultimate limit States

S.R. Uma, A.B. King & T. Holden

[Paper 026]

The influence of pounding on member demands in lowrise buildings

G.L. Cole, R.P. Dhakal, A.J. Carr & D.K  Bull

[Paper 133]

Estimated seismic performance of a standard NZS3101:2006 RC office building during the 22 February 2011 Christchurch earthquake

Y. Ishikawa & B.A. Bradley

[Paper 113]

Influence of Stiffness Variation on the Performance of Houses in Earthquakes

A.Z. Liu & G.J. Beattie

[Paper 005]

Observations on the Performance of Residential Concrete Slabs under Seismic and Soil Liquefaction Conditions

C.W. Ashby

Poster Poster Presentations

[Paper 006]

Dynamic deformation characteristics of pumice sand

R.P. Orense, M. Hyodo & T. Kaneko

[Paper 027]

Dynamic performance assessment of a multi-storey timber building via long-term seismic monitoring and model updating

A.A. Gaul, S.N.R. Jager, P. Omenzetter & H. Morris

[Paper 038]

Consistency of Seismicity and Ground Motion Modelling with the Canterbury Earthquakes

B.A. Bradley

[Paper 039]

Ground Motion Comparison of the 2011 Tohoku, Japan and 2010-2011 Canterbury earthquakes:Implications for large events in New Zealand

B.A. Bradley

[Paper 044]

Estimating post-earthquake welfare and sheltering needs following a Wellington earthquake

K.C. Wright, D.M. Johnston, W.J. Cousins & S.K. McBride

[Paper 050]

Quantifying Building Engineering Demand Parameters in Seismic Events

H.N. Dantanarayana, G.A. MacRae, R. Dhakal, S.R. Uma & T.Z. Yeow

[Paper 054]

Analysis of Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading Data from the 2010 Darfield and 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes

K. Robinson, B.A. Bradley & M. Cubrinovski

[Paper 055]

Torsional Considerations in Building Seismic Design

B. Miranda, G.A. MacRae, T.Z. Yeow & K. Beyer

[Paper 056]

Hysteretic Influence on Earthquake Induced Sliding Damage of Contents

R. English, G.A. MacRae & R.P. Dhakal

[Paper 063]

Contents Sliding Response Spectra

S.L. Lin, G.A. MacRae, T.Z. Yeow, R.P. Dhakal & R. English

[Paper 065]

Design and testing of reinforced concrete frames incorporating the slotted beam detail

J.D.R. Byrne & D.K. Bull

[Paper 082]

Loss Estimation in Christchurch CBD followingRecent Earthquakes: Validation and Refinement ofCurrent Procedures

S.L. Lin, S. Giovinazzi & S. Pampanin

Presentation 086

Structural Health Monitoring of the Base-Isolated Christchurch Women’s Hospital Following the Canterbury Earthquakes

B. Nigbor, H.P. Gavin, G.A. MacRae, G.W. Rodgers, M. Nayerloo, J.G. Chase, S. Gutschmidt & C. Granger

[Paper 087]

Impact Mechanics, Damage and Building Pounding: The Effect of Co-efficient of Restitution, Structural Yielding and Gap Ratio

F. Boyer, G. Labrosse, J.G. Chase, G.W. Rodgers & G.A. MacRae

[Paper 092]

Performance Based Design, would it have made adifference in Christchurch?

Will  Parker, Josiah  Thompson, Paul P. Cordova, Kenneth T. Tam & John D. Meyer

[Paper 094]

Development and Implementation of Buckling Restrained Braces in Taiwan

S.L. Lin, G.A. MacRae, A.C. Wu, P.C. Lin & K.C. Tsai

[Paper 099]

Velocity dependence of HF2V devices using different shaft configurations

J.Chanchí  Golondrino, J.G. Chase, G.W. Rodgers, G.A. MacRae & C.G. Clifton

[Paper 100]

Behaviour of Asymmetrical Friction Connections using different shim materials

J.Chanchí  Golondrino, G.A. MacRae, J.G. Chase, G.W. Rodgers & C.G. Clifton

[Paper 106]

Quantification of seismic performance factors for buildings incorporating three-dimensional construction system

M. Mashal & A. Filiatrault

[Paper 117]

Improvements for the Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Walls in Chile and Suggestions for the Refinement of Other Seismic Code Provisions

P. Bonelli, J. Restrepo, P.Quintana  Gallo, S. Pampanin & A.J. Carr

[Paper 125]

Temporary Housing Issues following the 22nd Christchurch Earthquake, NZ

Sonia  Giovinazzi, Joanne R. Stevenson, Jon  Mitchell & Anna  Mason

[Paper 129]

Problems of seismic design of the cladding panels of precast buildings

A. Colombo & G. Toniolo

[Paper 131]

Liquefaction ejecta clean-up in Christchurch during the 2010-2011 earthquake sequence

M. Villemure, T.M. Wilson, D. Bristow, M. Gallagher, S. Giovinazzi & C. Brown

[Paper 135]

The effects of soil-foundation interface nonlinearity on seismic soil-structure interaction analysis

M. Moghaddasi, A.J. Carr, M. Cubrinovski, S. Pampanin, J.G. Chase, C.T. Chatzigogos & A. Pecker

[Paper 137]

Acoustic Surveying Technology and Research on the Haihe Buried Fault in Tianjin

F. Liu, Y.K. Chen, W.P. Gao, Z.S. Wang & Y.P. Zheng

9.a Steel and Timber Structures

[Paper 023]

Experimental studies of the Self-Centering Sliding Hinge Joint

H.H. Khoo, G.C. Clifton, J.W. Butterworth & G.A. MacRae

[Paper 089]

Spectral Design Analysis of Sliding Hinge Joints and HF2V Devices for Seismic Dissipation

F. Kato, G.W. Rodgers, G.A. MacRae & J.G. Chase

[Paper 043]

Measuring the effectiveness of seismic control of steel frames using braces with bilinear and flag-shaped hysteretic characteristics

James B  McInerney & John C  Wilson

[Paper 020]

Ambient and Forced Vibration Testing and Finite Element Model Updating of a Full-scale Post-Tensioned Laminated Veneer Lumber Building

M.L. Worth, P. Omenzetter & H. Morris

[Paper 053]

Carterton Events Centre Auditorium Pres-Lam Wall Design and Construction

D. Dekker, S. Chung & A. Palermo

[Paper 126]

Seismic performance of a post-tensioned LVL building subjected to the Canterbury earthquake sequence

Tobias  Smith, David  Carradine, Stefano  Pampanin, Rocco  Ditommaso & Felice C. Ponzo

9.b Canterbury Earthquakes

[Paper 132]

Survey of Damage Extent and Severity of Christchurch Earthquakes for Regional Risk Assessment

T. Lai, A. Nasseri & F. Turner

[Paper 112]

Performance of house lining and cladding systems in the 22 February Lyttleton earthquake

G.C. Thomas & R.H. Shelton

[Paper 084]

Christchurch City lifelines - performance of concrete potable water reservoirs in the February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake and summary findings

N. Charman & I. Billings

[Paper 090]

“Recovery of Lifelines” following the 22nd February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake: successes and issues

Sonia  Giovinazzi & Thomas M. Wilson

[Paper 124]

The Impact of the 22nd February 2011 Earthquake on Christchurch Hospital

J.K. McIntosh, C. Jacques, J. Mitrani-Reiser, T.D. Kirsch, S. Giovinazzi & T.M. Wilson

[Paper 078]

Christchurch Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament: Lessons learnt on the Stabilisation of a Significant Heritage Building

J. Lester, A.G. Brown & J.M. Ingham

10 Plenary Session

[Paper 016]

Damage, Death and Downtime Risk Attenuation in the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake

J.B. Mander & Y. Huang

[Paper 041]

Costs of Base-isolation and Earthquake Insurance in New Zealand

A.W. Charleson & N.J. Allaf

[Paper 093]

Using Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation to Create Earthquake-Resilient Buildings

R.L. Mayes, A.G. Brown & Dario  Pietra

[Paper 081]

The Flawless Reinsurance Loss Model for the Perfect(New Zealand) Earthquake

Michael  Barkhausen, Russell  Blong, Peter  Cheesman, Ben  Miliauskas & Michael  Spranger