2010 NZSEE

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Technical Presentation Sessions

Keynote Address

L’Aquila earthquake 2009: reconstruction between temporary and definitive G.M. Calvi [Paper 01] [Abstract]

Tribute to Tom Paulay

Tom Paulay’s Legacy in Seismic Design Research M.J.N. Priestley [Paper 02] [Abstract]

The Design and Shake Table Testing of a Full-scale 7-storey Reinforced Concrete Cantilever Wall J.I. Restrepo, J.P. Conte and M. Panagiotou [Paper 03] [Abstract]

Musings and Observations from a Practising Earthquake Engineer – A Tribute to Tom Paulay R.D. Jury [Paper 04] [Abstract]

Session 3

Structural Fuses and Concrete-Filled Steel Shapes for Seismic- and Multi-Hazard Resistant Design M. Bruneau, S. El-Bahey, S. Fujikura and S. Keller [Paper 05] [Abstract]

Session 4A

Seismic Retrofit of a Large Power Boiler with Base Isolation R. Sharpe, M. Lee and J. Reid [Paper 06] [Abstract]

Predicted and Observed Performance of Masonry Parapets in the 2007 Gisborne Earthquake R.A. Davey and E.L. Blaikie [Paper 07] [Abstract]

Earthquake Resistance of Bridges With Friction Slab Abutments J.H. Wood [Paper 08] [Abstract]

Managing earthquake risk – Whakatane experience J.R. Farrell and Y. Kumar [Paper 09] [Abstract]

Session 4B

Seismic structural displacement measurement using a high-speed line-scan camera: experimental validation M. Nayyerloo, X.-Q. Chen, J.G. Chase, A. Malherbe and G.A. MacRae [Paper 10] [Abstract]

Building pounding state of the art: Identifying structures vulnerable to pounding damage G.L. Cole, R.P. Dhakal, A.J. Carr and D.K. Bull [Paper 11] [Abstract]

Simple methods to evaluate structural irregularities effects V.K. Sadashiva, G.A. MacRae and B.L. Deam [Paper 12] [Abstract]

Development of combined passive and semi-active damping techniques for net-zero base-shear damping G.W. Rodgers and J.G. Chase [Paper 13] [Abstract]

Session 5A

Experimental investigation of uplift effect on structures in earthquakes X. Qin and N. Chouw [Paper 14] [Abstract]

Dynamic field testing of shallow foundations subject to rocking T.B. Algie, M.J. Pender, R.P. Orense and L.M. Wotherspoon [Paper 15] [Abstract]

Simplified Expressions for Modelling Rigid Rocking Structures on Two-spring Foundations Q.T. Ma and J.W. Butterworth [Paper 16] [Abstract]

Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction Effects on Nonlinear Seismic Demand of Structures M. Moghaddasi K., M. Cubrinovski, S. Pampanin, A.J. Carr and J.G. Chase [Paper 17] [Abstract]

Dynamic Field Tests of Single Piles N. M.Sa’don, J.M. Pender, R.P. Orense, A.R. Abdul Karim and L. Wotherspoon [Paper 18] [Abstract]

Can tilt tests provide correct insight regarding frictional behaviour of sandstone under seismic excitation? K.C. Lee, F.S. Jeng, T.S. Huang, Y.M. Hsieh and R.P. Orense [Paper 19] [Abstract]

Session 5B

Organizational model of a hospital system G.P. Cimellaro, A.M. Reinhorn and M. Bruneau [Paper 20] [Abstract]

Seismic Assessment of Engineering Systems in Hospitals - A Challenge for Operational Continuity S.R. Uma and G.J. Beattie [Paper 21] [Abstract]

Site class determinations (NZS 1170.5) in Wellington using borehole data and microtremor techniques N.D. Perrin, W.R. Stephenson and S. Semmens [Paper 22] [Abstract]

It’s Our Fault: Re-evaluation of Wellington Fault conditional probability of rupture D.A. Rhoades, R.J. Van Dissen, R.M. Langridge, T.A. Little, D. Ninis, E.G.C. Smith and R. Robinson [Paper 23] [Abstract]

Modelling Interdependences of Critical Infrastructure R. Buxton, S.R. Uma and A.B. King [Paper 24] [Abstract]

Wellington Earthquake National Initial Response Plan T.H. Woodley [Paper 25] [Abstract]

Session 6

Twenty-five Years of Strengthening Wellington A.W. Thornton [Paper 26] [Abstract]

Session 7A

Seismic Performance of Prestressed Timber Beam-Column Sub-Assemblies A. Iqbal, S. Pampanin and A.H. Buchanan [Paper 27] [Abstract]

Global Response of a Two Storey Pres-Lam Timber Building M. Newcombe, S. Pampanin and A.H. Buchanan [Paper 28] [Abstract]

A Summary of Test Results for Selective Weakening and Post-tensioning for Retrofit of Non-Ductile R.C. Exterior Beam-Column Joints W.Y. Kam, S. Pampanin and D.K. Bull [Paper 29] [Abstract]

The Seismic Performance of a Non-Tearing Floor Precast Concrete Structural System B.J. Leslie, D.K. Bull and S. Pampanin [Paper 30] [Abstract]

Session 7B

Post-earthquake Sheltering Needs; How Loss of Structures and Services Affects Decision Making for Evacuation K.C. Wright and D.M. Johnston [Paper 31] [Abstract]

Steps in Earthquake Proofing a Country - A Case Study of Myanmar G.A. MacRae and U.T. Myint [Paper 32] [Abstract]

Seismic Response of Two-span Scale Bridge Model due to Non-uniform Ground Excitation and Varying Subsoil Conditions K. Chan, B. Li, N. Chouw and J.W. Butterworth [Paper 33] [Abstract]

The Critical Role of Open Space in Earthquake Recovery: A Case Study P. Allan and M. Bryant [Paper 34] [Abstract]

Session 8A

A Nonlinear Static (Pushover) Procedure Consistent with New Zealand Standards B.J. Davidson [Paper 35] [Abstract]

Forensic Earthquake Engineering R. Shepherd [Paper 36] [Abstract]

Effect of Harmonic Excitation Sequences on Structures K. Twigden, X. Li, M. Ali, C. Oyarzo-Vera and N. Chouw [Paper 37] [Abstract]

Session 8B

Incorporating Boundary Conditions into a Detailed Seismic Assessment Procedure for New Zealand URM Buildings A.P. Russell and J.M. Ingham [Paper 38] [Abstract]

Shake Table Tests of Under-designed RC Frames for the Seismic Retrofit of Buildings – Design and similitude requirements of the benchmark specimen P. Quintana-Gallo, S. Pampanin, A.J. Carr and P. Bonelli [Paper 39] [Abstract]

Initiatives Towards Integrated Resilience of Road Transportation Lifelines in the Wellington Region P. Brabhaharan [Paper 40] [Abstract]

Poster Session

Assessing the Bolted Connection Strength of New Zealand Hardwood A.R. Abdul Karim, P. Quenneville, N. M.Sa’don and J.M. Ingham [Paper 41] [Abstract]

Effect of Axial Load Variation on the Retrofit of Exterior Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints U. Akguzel and S. Pampanin [Paper 42] [Abstract]

Behaviour of Coir Fibre and Rope Reinforced Concrete Columns Under Harmonic Loading M. Ali, X. Li and N. Chouw [Abstract]

Effect of Fibre Content on Dynamic Properties of Coir Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams M. Ali, A. Liu, H. Sou and N. Chouw [Paper 44] [Abstract]

University of Auckland at the 2009 Asia Pacific IDEERS Seismic Design Competition S. Anand, T. Blackbourn, T. Hoogeveen, B. Ragued and L. Wotherspoon [Abstract]

Experimental Investigation of the Seismic Behaviour of Slotted Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Connections E.V. Au, D.K. Bull and S. Pampanin [Poster 46] [Abstract]

Ground Motion Selection for Seismic Response Analysis B.A. Bradley [Poster 47] [Abstract]

System Identification of a building using strong motion data F. Butt and P. Omenzetter [Abstract]

Column Residual Stress Effects on the Seismic Performance of Short Steel Frames Y.C. Lu, G.A. MacRae and G.C. Clifton [Abstract]

Quantifying Seismic Sustainability of Steel Framed Structures J.C. Chanchí, G.A. MacRae and G.C. Clifton [Abstract]

Building Pounding and the Effects of Mass Distribution G.L. Cole, R.P. Dhakal, A.J. Carr and D.K. Bull [Poster 53] [Abstract]

Bulk Water Supply – Impacts of a Wellington Fault Earthquake J. Cousins, N. Perrin, G. Hancox, B. Lukovic, A.B. King, W. Smith, A. McCarthy and T. Shaw [Paper 54] [Abstract]

Effects of Unreinforced Masonry Wall Slenderness Ratio on Out-of-plane Post-cracking Dynamic Stability H. Derakhshan, J.M. Ingham and M.C. Griffith [Paper 55] [Abstract]

Performance of Steel Uniform Strength Moment Resisting Frames Subjected to Earthquake Actions. L. Edwards, D. Paul, G.C. Clifton and J.W. Butterworth [Abstract]

Modelling shear velocities in the Hutt Valley using ambient noise interferometry B. Fry [Abstract]

Experimental design and analytical modeling of 1/2.5 scale under-designed reinforced concrete frame subassemblies with masonry infills P.Q. Gallo, S. Pampanin and A.J. Carr [Abstract]

Inertial Force Paths within Floor Diaphragms Due to Seismic Shaking D.R. Gardiner, D.K. Bull and A.J. Carr [Abstract]

Small strain shear modulus of Auckland residual soils using bender elements A. Ibrahim, R.P. Orense, M.J. Pender and N. Kikkawa [Abstract]

Performance Based Out-of-plane Posttensioning Seismic Retrofit Design of Unreinforced Masonry Walls N. Ismail, J.M. Ingham and P.T. Laursen [Paper 61] [Abstract]

Shake Table Tests of Bridge Segments on Subsoil Under Non-uniform Ground Excitations B. Li, M. Jamil, N. Chouw and J.W. Butterworth [Paper 62] [Abstract]

Evaluation and Assessment of a Reinforced Concrete Building by Incremental Dynamic Analysis K.M. Khanlou and S. Sensoy [Abstract]

Seismic Performance of a Pre-1930 Dual RC Wall – Riveted Steel Frame Building A.S. Gebreyohaness, G.C. Clifton and J.W. Butterworth [Paper 65] [Abstract]

Focusing on reducing the earthquake damage to non-structural components in buildings: research needs and future internationally coordinated plans A. Palermo, S. Pampanin, A. Baird and P. Riccio [Paper 70] [Abstract]

Uniform Strength Eccentrically Braced Frames P. Chetan and M. Lal [Abstract]

Shake Table Response of Multi-Storey Post-Tensioned Timber Buildings D.P.M. Pino, S. Pampanin, A.H. Buchanan and B.L. Deam [Paper 72] [Poster 72] [Abstract]

Development of the RoGlider family of Seismic Isolators W.H. Robinson and C.R. Gannon [Abstract]

Advanced Model Development and Validation of Damage-free Precast Structural Connections with Unbonded Post-Tensioned Prestress G.W. Rodgers, J.G. Chase and J.B. Mander [Paper 74] [Abstract]

Irregularity Limits for Structures with Coupled Vertical Stiffness-Strength Variations V.K. Sadashiva, G.A. MacRae and B.L. Deam [Abstract]

Optimization of finite element models of structures based on dynamic test results F. Shabbir and P. Omenzetter [Abstract]

State Highway 6 Pelorus Bridge Seismic Assessment and Strengthening D. Novakov, P. Brabhaharan and G. Gregg [Abstract]

Incentives for Mitigation - Who pays, Who benefits? G.R. Walker and R. Musulin [Paper 79] [Abstract]

Integrated modelling of the seismic response of frame structures with shallow foundations L. Wotherspoon [Abstract]

Risk-Targeted Design Ground Motion Maps Recently Adopted for U.S. Building Codes N. Luco [Abstract]

Shake Table Testing of Scaled Geogrid-reinforced Adobe Wall Models J.F. Tipler, M.L. Worth, H.W. Morris and Q.T. Ma [Paper 84] [Abstract]

Developing Collapse Fragilities and Other Vulnerability Models for Selected Building Types from the PAGER Project H. Ryu, K. Jaiswal, N. Luco and D. Wald [Abstract]

In-situ Out-of-plane Testing of Unreinforced Masonry D. Dizhur, H. Derakhshan, R. Lumantarna, M.C. Griffith and J.M. Ingham [Paper 86] [Abstract]

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