2007 NZSEE

Author Index

Technical Presentation Sessions

Keynote Address 1

Risk As a Measure of Performance: the Next Step in Performance-based Engineering Procedures C.D. Comartin [Paper 01] [Abstract]

Defining Acceptable Performance Criteria

AS/NZS 1170 and the New Zealand Building Code G.M. Lawrance, M. Stannard, D.C. Hopkins and I. Brewer [Paper 02] [Abstract]

Improved Hazard Model for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering B.A. Bradley, R.P. Dhakal, J.B. Mander and G.A. MacRae [Paper 03] [Abstract]

Performance Based Assessment and Design Policy Recommendations R. Brook, T.E. Kelly and C. Mackenzie [Paper 04] [Abstract]

Hollow Core Floors – a Regulator’s Perspective M. Stannard, R. Bialostocki, D.C. Hopkins, R. Jury and D. Saunders [Paper 07] [Abstract]

Planning for Expected Performance / Improving Existing Performance I

Liquefaction Hazards for Seismic Risk Analysis S. Giovinazzi and M. Cubrinovski [Paper 06] [Abstract]

Earthquake Design and Construction of the Wellington Inner City Bypass, Wellington P. Brabhaharan [Paper 08] [Abstract]

Exercise Capital Quake ’06: Outcomes from New Zealand’s National Disaster Preparedness Exercise D. Brunsdon and M. O'Leary [Paper 09] [Abstract]

Improving Seismic Performance : Add Stiffness or Damping? T.E. Kelly [Paper 11] [Abstract]

Semi-active Resetable Actuators Incorporating a High Pressure Source K.J. Mulligan, J.G. Chase, J.B. Mander and R.B. Elliot [Paper 49] [Abstract]

Seismic Response of Hybrid-LVL Coupled Walls under Quasi-static and Pseudo-dynamic Testing T. Snith, F. Ludwig, S. Pampanin, M. Fragiacomo, A.H. Buchanan, B.L. Deam and A. Palermo [Paper 60] [Abstract]

Improving Existing Performance II

Experimental Investigation of Existing Hollowcore Seating Connection Seismic Behaviour Pre and Post Retrofit Intervention J.P. Jensen, D.K. Bull and S. Pampanin [Paper 12] [Abstract]

Seismic Testing of a Model Structure with Semi-active Resetable Devices R. Franco-Anaya, A.J. Carr, J.B. Mander, J.G. Chase, K.J. Mulligan and G.W. Rodgers [Paper 13] [Abstract]

Development of a Non-tearing Floor Solution for Jointed Precast Frame Systems A.D. Amaris, S. Pampanin, D.K. Bull and A.J. Carr [Paper 14] [Abstract]

Experimental Behaviour of Exterior Beam-Column Joint Subassemblies Retrofitted using GFRP Composites U. Akguzel and S. Pampanin [Paper 15] [Abstract]

Experimental Investigations of a Selective Weakening Approach for the Seismic Retrofit of R.C. Walls M.G. Ireland, S. Pampanin and D.K. Bull [Paper 16] [Abstract]

Improving the Seismic Performance of Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings using Advanced Rocking Wall Solutions D. Marriott, S. Pampanin, D.K. Bull and A. Palermo [Paper 17] [Abstract]

Keynote Address 2

Direct Displacement-based Seismic Design of Structures M.J.N. Priestley, G.M. Calvi and M.J. Kowalsky [Paper 18] [Abstract]

Developments Within Design I

Sliding Hinge Joints and Subassemblies for Steel Moment Frames C. Clifton, G.A. MacRae, H. Mackinven, S. Pampanin and J.W. Butterworth [Paper 19] [Abstract]

Location of Plastic Hinges in Columns of Steel Frames B. Peng, G.A. MacRae, W. Walpole, P.J. Moss, R.P. Dhakal and C. Clifton [Paper 20] [Abstract]

Advanced Flag-Shaped Systems for High Seismic Performance Including Near-fault Effects W.Y. Kam, S. Pampanin, A.J. Carr and A. Palermo [Paper 21] [Abstract]

Developments Within Design II

Multi-level Seismic Performance Assessment of a Damage Protected Beam-column Joint with Internal Lead Dampers K.M. Solberg, B.A. Bradley, G.W. Rodgers, J.B. Mander, R.P. Dhakal and J.G. Chase [Paper 22] [Abstract]

Effective Stress Analysis of Pile Foundations in Liquefiable Soil H. Bowen, M. Cubrinovski and M.E. Jacka [Paper 23] [Abstract]

An Integrated Soil-foundation-structure Model to Capture the Seismic Response of Bridge Columns in Seasonally Frozen Conditions L. Wotherspoon, M.J. Pender and S. Sritharan [Paper 24] [Abstract]

Insitu Free Vibration Tests on a Single Degree of Freedom Structure with Foundation Uplift T. Algie, R. Henry and Q.T. Ma [Paper 25] [Abstract]

Developments Within Design III / Understanding the Inputs

Design of R. C. Frames using the Displacement Focussed Force Based Design Procedure B.J. Davidson [Paper 26] [Abstract]

Structural Performance of Horizontal Slanting Beam-column Joints under Seismic Loading Y. Ishikawa and H. Kimura [Paper 27] [Abstract]

The Little Red Hill Field Experiment: Seismic Response of an Edifice F. Beuch, T.R. Davies, J.R. Pettinga, M. Finnemore and J.B. Berrill [Paper 48] [Abstract]

Why Rock Motions are So Low in New Zealand Earthquakes - Site Classification Effects G.H. McVerry, J. Zhang and J.X. Zhao [Paper 29] [Abstract]

GeoNet Project Update:Strong Ground Motion and Structural Monitoring in New Zealand K. Gledhill [Paper 30] [Abstract]

Sensitivity Analysis of SHAKE Based Soil Site Response Modeling U. Destegul, C. Van Weston and S. Slob [Paper 31] [Abstract]

Damage and Casualties in the South Java Tsunami of 17th July 2006 J. Cousins, W. Power, N. Palmer, S. Reese, I. Tejakusuma and S. Nugrahadi [Paper 32] [Abstract]

Reducing the Subjectivity in Modified Mercalli Intensity Analysis: Drawing Isoseismals W. Smith [Paper 33] [Abstract]

A Probabilistic Relationship between Ground Shaking Parameters and MMI Based on Felt Report Data M. Gerstenberger, B. Worden and D. Wald [Paper 34] [Abstract]

Assessing Existing Performance

Fully Integrated Performnce Based Design and Retrofit of Existing Buildings : a Case Study J. Chambers, T.E. Kelly and R.C. Dreyer [Paper 35] [Abstract]

Estimating Seismic Induced Damage in Buildings O.R. de Lautour and P. Omenzetter [Paper 36] [Abstract]

Performance Evaluation of Bolu Viaducts in Terms of Performance-based Seismic Design of Bridges A. Iqbal [Paper 57] [Abstract]

Seismic Assessment and Remediation of the Aviemore Dam Spill and Sluice Gates R. Davey, K. Ho and J. Walker [Paper 38] [Abstract]

Adequacy of Existing House Foundations for Resisting Earthquakes: the Cost-benefit of Ungrading J. Irvine and G. Thomas [Paper 39] [Abstract]

Seismic Instrumentation of Buildings - a Promising Step for Performance Based Design in New Zealand S.R. Uma [Paper 40] [Abstract]

Seismic Assessment and Retrofit of Waikanae and Pakuratahi River Bridges J.H. Wood, H. Chapman, G. Gregg and D. Kirkcaldie [Paper 41] [Abstract]

Poster Papers

Assessment of Seismic Performance of Structures by Health Monitoring O.R. de Lautour and P. Omenzetter [Paper 42] [Abstract]

Analytical Model on Beam Elongation within the Reinforced Concrete Plastic Hinges B. Peng, R.P. Dhakal, R.C. Fenwick, A.J. Carr and D.K. Bull [Paper 43] [Abstract]

Selection of Real Records for Scaling in Site Response Analyses B. Yagci [Paper 44] [Abstract]

Overview of NZNEES@auckland Q.T. Ma, P. Omenzetter, J.M. Ingham, J.W. Butterworth and M.J. Pender [Paper 46] [Abstract]

Lessons from the 2006 Asia Pacific IDEERS Seismic Design Competition A. Wilson, T. Algie, R. Henry, C. Haigh and Q.T. Ma [Paper 47] [Abstract]

Spatial Distribution of Strong Shaking Near the 2-D Source of Large Shallow New Zealand Earthquakes D. Dowrick and D. Rhoades [Paper 50] [Abstract]

Mitigation Analyses for the Selection of Effective Seismic Retrofit Strategies at a Territorial Scale S. Giovinazzi and S. Pampanin [Paper 51] [Abstract]

Analytical Modelling of Jointed Precast Concrete Beam-to-Column Connections with Different Damping Systems G.W. Rodgers, J.G. Chase, K.M. Solberg, J.B. Mander and R.P. Dhakal [Paper 56] [Abstract]

Vertical Mass Irregularity Effects on the Seismic Performance of Shear Buildings V. Sadashiva, G.A. MacRae, B.L. Deam and C. Maunoury [Paper 59] [Abstract]

Design Methodology of Concrete Buildings with the Method of Performance-Based Seismic Design M. Tehranizadeh and H. Daneshva [Paper 53] [Abstract]

CD photos: L. Homer, GNS Science.