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001 Modelling the Spread of Post-earthquake Fire
W.J. Cousins, G.C. Thomas, D.W. Heron, S. Mazzoni and D. Lloydd [Read] [Print] Session 1.3

005 Geotechnical Seismic Evaluation of Bridge Abutments in Southeast Missouri
Y. Munaf, S. Prakash and T. Fennessey [Read] [Print] Session 4.2

007 Seismic Design of Liquid-containing Concrete Structures per ACI Standard 350.3
J.A. Munshi and N.A. Legatos [Read] [Print] Session 8.2

009 Earthquake Duration Effects on Very Low Cycle Structural Damage Estimates
J.W. van de Lindt and G. Goh [Read] [Print] Session 6.2

010 Testing the Extensibility of an Earthquake Vulnerability Microzonation Methodology by Application at Bargara, Queensland
M. Turnbull [Read] [Print] Session 5.3

011 The fib State-of-the-art Report on the Seismic Design of Precast Concrete Building Structures
R. Park [Read] [Print] Session 9.1

012 Seismic Retrofitting of Unreinforced Masonry Walls by FRP Strips
S-W Chuang, Y. Zhuge, P.C. McBean, T-Y Wong and L. Peters [Read]  Session 10.1

014 Embankment Dam Deformations Caused by Earthquakes
J.R. Swaisgood [Read] [Print] Misc

017 An Application of Liquefaction Hazard Evaluation in Urban Planning
C. Anderson and T. McMorran [Read] [Print] Session 8.1

018 H_infinity Direct Output Feedback Control of Structures
C-C Lin, M-C Pan and J-Y Wei [Read] [Print] Poster

019 Innovative Seismic Retrofit of Concrete Water Supply Tanks
R.G. Taylor and P.D. Wright [Read] [Print] Session 8.2

020 A New Algorithm for Non-linear Dynamic Structural Analysis
B.W. Golley, A.D. Mitchell and J. Petrolito [Read] [Print] Session 6.1

021 A Pseudostatic Approach for Seismic Analysis of Piles in Liquefying Soil
D.S. Liyanapathirana and H.G. Poulos [Read] [Print] Session 2.2

022 Seismic Lateral Response of Piles in Liquefying Soil
D.S. Liyanapathirana and H.G. Poulos [Read] [Print] Session 3.2

024 Analysis and Design of Precast Hybrid Frames
S. Sritharan and S. Vernu [Read] [Print] Session 9.1

025 Modeling Magnitude Distribution for Local Hazard Evaluation: A New Approach
G. Grandori, E. Guagenti and L. Petrini [Read] [Print] Session 7.3

026 The Relationship between Overstrength and Members Ductility of RC Moment Resisting Frames
M. Mahmoudi [Read] [Print] Poster

027 Impact of Decentralized Semi-active Control on the Stability of Tall Structures under Seismic Loading
J.G. Chase, L. Barroso and S. Hunt [Read] [Print] Session 1.1

028 Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis of Semi-active Control of Tall Structures
J.G. Chase, L. Barroso and S. Hunt [Read] [Print] Session 6.1

029 Full Sized House Cyclic Racking Test
S.J. Thurston and A.B. King [Read] [Print] Session 6.2

030 Comparison of Pseudo-dynamic Test and Inelastic Time History Computer Analysis
S.J. Thurston [Read] [Print] Session 6.2

032 Engineering Disaster Insurance Schemes for the 21st Century
G.R. Walker [Read] [Print] Session 10.3

034 From Hazard Maps to Code Spectra for New Zealand
G.H. McVerry [Read] [Print] Session 3.1

035 Assessing the Seismic Performance of Reinforcement Coupler Systems
A. Bai, J.M. Ingham and R. Hunt [Read] [Print] Session 7.2

036 Estimation of Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Interior Beam-column Joints by using Database of Experimental Results
T. Kusakari and O. Joh [Read] [Print] Poster

038 Stationarity of Seismic Noise and Spac: Results of a New Approach
F.J. Chávez-García, M. Rodríguez and W.R. Stephenson [Read] [Print] Poster

039 Project "e-defense" Introduction of E-defense
K. Ohtani, N. Ogawa, T. Katayama and H. Shibata [Read]  Poster

040 Project "e-defense" Technical Development of Mechanical Components
T. Harada, A. Koike, M. Uchida, K. Ohtani and N. Ogawa [Read] [Print] Poster

041 Project “e-defense”, Control System Architecture
O. Rood, K. Ohtani and E. Yoshida [Read] [Print] Poster

042 On the Seismic Behavior and Design of Long Span Precast Concrete Diaphragms
R.B. Fleischman and K.T. Farrow [Read] [Print] Session 9.1

043 Risk of Casualties in New Zealand Earthquakes
D.J. Dowrick and D.A. Rhoades [Read] [Print] Session 9.3

044 Multi-surface Strength Model for Concrete Beam-column Joints Subjected to Cyclic Loading
S.C. Fan and Z.N. Yin [Read] [Print] Session 5.2

045 An Efficient Model for Seismic Analysis of Building Structures with the Effect of Floor Slabs
D-G Lee, S-K Ahn and D-K Kim [Read] [Print] Session 6.1

046 Simplified Procedure to Estimate Ground Settlement from Seismic Compression of Compacted Soils
J.P. Stewart and D.H. Whang [Read] [Print] Session 9.2

047 A Proper Member Model for Member Flexural Behaviour at the Fixed-ends
A. Liu, A.J. Carr and R. Park [Read] [Print] Session 5.2

048 Uniform Approach to Probabilistic Region- And Site-dependent Seismic Hazard Estimation
V.Y. Sokolov and Y.K. Chernov [Read] [Print] Session 2.3

049 Evaluation of Parameters of Future Earthquakes for Purposes of Seismic Zonation and Hazard Assessment
V.Y. Sokolov, A.V. Ovcharenko, C-H. Loh and K-L. Wen [Read] [Print] Session 5.3

050 Wave-passage Effect on the Seismic Response of Long Bridges
J. Wang, A.J. Carr, N. Cooke and P.J. Moss [Read] [Print] Session 1.2

051 A Simple Method for Stochastic Dispersion of Earthquake Waves
J. Wang, A.J. Carr, N. Cooke and P.J. Moss [Read] [Print] Poster

052 Computer-aided Strengthening of Steel and Reinforced Concrete Telecommunication Poles
E. Kalkan and A. Pamuk [Read] [Print] Poster

054 Performance of Retrofitted Pile Foundations Subjected to Seismically Induced Lateral Spreading
T.H. Abdoun and W. Wang [Read] [Print] Session 2.2

055 A Simplified Evaluation Method for the Seismic Performance of Underground Common Utility Boxes
T. Nishioka and S. Unjoh [Read] [Print] Poster

056 Factors Bounding Prograde Rayleigh-wave Particle Motion in a Soft-soil Layer
W.R. Stephenson [Read] [Print] Session 6.3

057 Development of the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation
R. Reitherman [Read]  Session 7.2

059 Effect of Earthquake Shaking on Displacement of Earth Retaining Structures
P. Brabhaharan, G.J. Fairless and H.E. Chapman [Read] [Print] Session 4.2

060 An Experimental Study into the Distribution of Earthquake Forces in Steel Plate Girder Bridges
L.P. Carden, A.M. Itani and I.G. Buckle [Read] [Print] Session 1.2

061 Reconstuctional Survey of 3 Villages - Selari, Kalyanpar, Sangramsar (district Rapar, Gujarat)
A. Pranab and S. Dhanda [Read] [Print] Misc

065 Waves, Layers, Microtremors, Earthquakes – Lessons from Four Soft Sites
W.R. Stephenson, H. Flores and C. Lomnitz [Read] [Print] Session 5.3

066 Seismic Response of a Cast-in-place Steel Fibre Concrete Joint Connecting Precast Beams and Columns
L. Tuleasca, A. Cuciureanu and J.M. Ingham [Read] [Print] Session 9.1

067 Recent Paleoearthquakes of the Porters Pass Fault and Hazard Posed to Christchurch, New Zealand
M.E. Howard, A. Nicol, J.K. Campbell and J.R. Pettinga [Read]  Session 2.3

071 Instrumental Measures of Earthquake Intensity in New Zealand.
P.N. Davenport [Read] [Print] Session 7.3

072 Strengthening Existing New Zealand Buildings for Earthquakes: An Analysis of Cost Benefit using Annual Probabilities
D.C. Hopkins and G. Stuart [Read]  Session 8.3

073 Seismic Protection in Developing Countries: Where are the Gaps in Our Approach?
J.K. Bothara and R.D. Sharpe [Read] [Print] Session 8.3

075 Seismic Structural Damage Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Framed Structures
P. Dong, P.J. Moss and A.J. Carr [Read] [Print] Session 4.1

076 The Generation of Inelastic Response Spectra for Earthquake Acceleration Records
A.J. Carr [Read] [Print] Session 5.2

077 Preliminary Experimental Results and Seismic Performance Implications of Precast Floor Systems with Detailing and Load Path Deficiencies
J. Matthews, D.K. Bull and J.B. Mander [Read] [Print] Session 4.1

078 Non-linear Local Site Amplification and its Effect on Structural Response
J.J. Zhang, P.J. Moss and A.J. Carr [Read] [Print] Session 10.2

080 Caracus Earthquake, 1967, Revisited
R.I. Skinner [Read] [Print] Session 7.3

081 Estimation of Seismic Strength of RC Frames Designed to Gravity Loads in Korea
Y.W. Lee [Read] [Print] Session 5.1

084 Relative Displacement Across Faults: Measuring Slip Rates when Both Sides are Uplifting
G.J. Huftile, S.C. Lindvall, L.W. Anderson, L. Gurrola and M.A. Bell [Read] [Print] Session 4.3

086 The Effect of Mechanism Information on Fatalism about Earthquakes
J.L. McClure and R. Sutton Presentation only. Session 9.3

087 Natural Hazards Risk Associated with Petroleum Storage, Wellington Region, New Zealand
P. Brabhaharan, G.K. Bharathy, D. Prentice and R. Lynch [Read] [Print] Session 1.3

089 Desaturating Sand Deposit by Air Injection for Reducing Liquefaction Potential
M. Ishihara, M. Okamura and T. Oshita [Read] [Print] Session 3.2

090 The Influence of Ground Motion Characteristics on Site Response Coefficients
R.A. Green and W.I. Cameron [Read] [Print] Session 5.3

092 Seismic Assessment for Industrial Facility in Dunedin
M.T. O'Brien, D.R. Novakov and R.D. Jury [Read] [Print] Session 2.3

093 Optimal Ground Motion Intensity Measures for Assessment of Seismic Slope Displacements
T. Travasarou and J.D Bray [Read] [Print] Session 4.2

094 A Closer Look at Arias Intensity-based Liquefaction Evaluation Procedures
R.A. Green and J.K. Mitchell [Read] [Print] Session 9.2

095 Average Response Spectra from Some Australian Earthquakes
T.I. Allen, G. Gibson and J.P. Cull [Read] [Print] Session 6.3

096 Gapping Effects on the Lateral Stiffness of Piles in Cohesive Soil
S. Pranjoto and M.J. Pender [Read] [Print] Session 2.2

097 Soil Structure Interaction and the Australia – New Zealand Loading Standard
M.J. Pender and J.W. Butterworth [Read] [Print] Session 10.2

098 Seismic Safety Retrofit of a Major Bridge – A Canadian Study
U.D. Atukorala and H. Puebla [Read] [Print] Misc

099 The Component Attenuation Model for Low and Moderate Seismic Regions
N.T.K. Lam and J.L. Wilson [Read] [Print] Session 6.3

100 Seismic Performance of Internal Beam-column Joints with 500 Grade Reinforcement
L.M. Megget, R.C. Fenwick and N. Amso [Read]  Session 7.2

101 Seismic Loading and Displacement of a Tank Foundation Incorporating Soil / Structure Interaction
T.J. Larkin [Read] [Print] Session 10.2

102 Cyclic Strut-and-tie Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Structures
N.H.T. To, J.M. Ingham, B.J. Davidson and S. Sritharan [Read] [Print] Session 5.2

103 Structural Uplift Induced by Near-source Earthquakes
Y. Naito and N. Chouw [Read]  Poster

104 Influence of Three-dimensional Soil-structure Interaction on Structural Responses Induced by Near-source Earthquakes
K. Hashimoto and N. Chouw [Read]  Session 10.2

105 Seismic Engineering for Replacement Research Reactor in Australia
K. Kayvani, B. Schmidt, J. Steele and G. Sidwell [Read]  Session 6.1

106 Analytical Model for Beam to Column Joints in RC Moment Resisting Frames
S.R. Uma and A. Meher Prasad [Read] [Print] Session 5.1

107 Displacement of Gravity Retaining Walls under Seismic Loading
M. Okamura, Y. Saito, O. Matsuo and K. Tamura [Read] [Print] Session 4.2

108 Displacement Focussed Seismic Design Methods - A Comparative Study
H.J. Judi, B.J. Davidson and R.C. Fenwick [Read] [Print] Session 7.1

109 Seismic Performance of RC Perimeter Frames with Slabs Containing Prestressed Units
D.B.N. Lau, R.C. Fenwick and B.J. Davidson [Read] [Print] Session 4.1

110 Seismic Displacement Response Predictions using a Calibrated Substitute Structure Approach
M.R. Edwards, J.L. Wilson and N.T.K. Lam [Read] [Print] Session 7.1

111 Small-strain Stiffness and Damping of Soils in a Direct Simple Shear Device
B. D'Elia, G. Lanzo and A. Pagliaroli [Read] [Print] Misc

114 Development of Analytical Procedure for Estimating Effects of Liquefaction-induced Ground Flow on Bridge Foundation
K. Tamura and T. Azuma [Read]  Session 2.2

115 Intergrain Friction and Contact Density on Cyclic Resistance of Sands
S. Thevanayagam, T. Kanagalingam and T. Shenthan [Read] [Print] Session 9.2

117 Seismic Stability of Mt. Frederick Sidecast
C.W. Krumdieck and S.J. Woods [Read] [Print] Poster

119 Seismic Design of a Highway in Pumiceous Land
W. Okada, S. Terzaghi, J.Q. Cooper, M.A. Patel and T.P. Adhikary [Read] [Print] Session 3.2

120 Improvements to Seismic Design of Circular Prestresed Concrete Storage Tanks
J.H. Wood and M.J.N. Priestley [Read] [Print] Session 8.2

121 Experiment of a Sliding Isolated Structure Subjected to Near-fault Ground Motions
L.-Y. Lu, M.-H. Shih, S.-W. Tzeng and C.-S. Chang Chien [Read] [Print] Session 1.1

122 Improving the New Zealand Seismic Hazard Model
M.W. Stirling, D. Rhoades, W. Smith, J. Beavan, B. Pace, M. Petersen, A. Frankel and I. Wong [Read] [Print] Session 2.3

123 Investigating the Load Paths of RC Shear Wall with Openings under Reversed Cyclic Loadings
H. Wu and B. Li [Read] [Print] Session 7.1

124 Parametric Study of Reinforced Concrete Walls with Irregular Openings
H. Wu and B. Li [Read] [Print] Session 7.1

125 Seismic Performances of Reinforced Concrete Frames under Low Intensity Earthquake Effects
B. Li, Y.M. Wu and T.C. Pan [Read] [Print] Session 5.1

126 Hybrid Steel-concrete Connections under Reversed Cyclic Loading
B. Li, W.K. Yip and C.L. Leong [Read] [Print] Poster

127 Accuracy of Displacement-based Seismic Evaluation of Unreinforced Masonry Wall Stability
M.C. Griffith and G. Magenes [Read] [Print] Session 10.1

128 Probabilistic Earthquake Risk Assessment of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, Australia: Part 1 – Seismic Hazard
T. Dhu, D. Robinson, C. Sinadinovski, T.D. Jones, A. Jones, J. Schneider and A. Mendez [Read] [Print] Session 8.1

130 Displacement Capacity of Dual Reinforced Concrete Building Systems
T. Paulay [Read] [Print] Session 5.1

131 Modelling Pore Fluid Migration in Layered, Liquefied Soils
K.J. Butterfield and M.D. Bolton [Read] [Print] Session 9.2

134 Mass-eccentric Building Structures: Effects of Asymmetric Distribution of Axial Forces in Vertical Resisting Elements
M. De Stefano and B.L. Pintucchi [Read] [Print] Session 5.2

135 A General Model for Analysing Response of Slender Masonry Structures under Multi-component Earthquake Excitations
B.L. Pintucchi [Read] [Print] Session 10.1

136 Theoretical Design and Field Deployment of a Dense Strong Motion Instrument Network for the Alpine Fault, South Island, New Zealand.
C. Francois, J.B. Berrill and J.R. Pettinga [Read] [Print] Session 7.3

137 Assessing and Increasing the Level of Earthquake Preparedness in New Zealand Homes
A.W. Charleson, B. Cook and G. Bowering [Read] [Print] Session 9.3

138 The Development of the Joint New Zealand and Australian Earthquake Loading Standard
A.B. King, D.K. Bull, G.H. McVerry and R.D. Jury [Read] [Print] Session 3.1

139 Post Earthquake Recovery of New Zealand Houses
A.B. King and D. Middleton [Read] [Print] Session 10.3

140 A Framework for Performance-based Earthquake Engineering
G.G. Deierlein, H. Krawinkler and C.A. Cornell [Read]  Session 2.1

141 Building Specific Loss Estimation for Performance Based Design
E. Miranda and H. Aslani [Read] [Print] Session 2.1

142 Barriers to Adoption and Implementation of PBEE Innovations
P. May [Read] [Print] Session 2.1

143 Probabilistic Earthquake Risk Assessment of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, Australia: Part 2 - Earthquake Vulnerability and Risk
T.D. Jones, G. Fulford, M.R. Edwards, N. Corby and J. Schneider [Read] [Print] Session 8.1

144 Developing an Urban Search and Rescue Capability for New Zealand: Two Years of Achievement
L.B. Angus, R.J. Dance and D.R. Brunsdon [Read] [Print] Session 10.3

145 Involving Engineers in Urban Search and Rescue
D.R. Brunsdon, D.M. McGuigan and D.K. Bull [Read] [Print] Session 10.3

146 Lifelines and Earthquakes: A Review of New Zealand's Key Vulnerabilities
D.R. Brunsdon, M.C. Daly and A.J.W. Lamb [Read] [Print] Session 1.3

147 International Visions and Goals for the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
C.D. Poland and S.M. Alcocer [Read] [Print] Keynote

148 Seismic Design Implications of Revisions to the National Building Code of Canada
A.C. Heidebrecht [Read] [Print] Keynote

149 Achievements and Future Challenges for Earthquake Engineering in Australia
M. Griffith [Read] [Print] Keynote

150 Challenges for the Application of Earthquake Engineering in the Pacific Islands
G.G. Shorten [Read] [Print] Keynote

151 Improving Linkages between Earthquake Engineering Research and Practice
J.B. Mander [Read] [Print] Keynote

154 Collapse Performance Prediction of RC Frame Structures
J.P. Moehle and K.J. Elwood [Read] [Print] Session 2.1

155 An Interim Classification of New Zealand’s Active Faults for the Mitigation of Surface Rupture Hazard
R.J. Van Dissen, K. Berryman, T. Webb, M. Stirling, P. Villamor, P.R. Wood, S. Nathan, A. Nicol, J. Begg, D. Barrell, G.H. McVerry, R. Langridge, N. Litchfield and B. Pace [Read] [Print] Session 4.3

156 Illustrations of Historic and Pre-historic Surface Rupture of Active Faults in New Zealand
R.J. Van Dissen, P.R. Wood, K. Berryman and S. Nathan [Read]  Session 4.3

157 Deterministic Seismic Hazard Analysis in Northwest Oregon, U.S.A.
A.G. Hull, A. Augello and R.S. Yeats [Read] [Print] Misc

158 Building Adjacent to Active Faults: a Risk-based Approach
A.B. King, D.R. Brunsdon, R.B. Shephard, J.E. Kerr and R.J. Van Dissen [Read] [Print] Session 4.3

159 The Effect of Eccentric Overturning Restraint in Complete Shear Wall Assemblies
S.E. Pryor [Read] [Print] Session 6.2

160 Stiffness-strain Relationship of Singapore Residual Soils
E.C. Leong, H. Rahardjo and H.K. Cheong [Read] [Print] Poster

161 In-situ Measurement of Shear Wave Velocities at Two Soft Soil Sites in Singapore
E.C. Leong, S. Anand, H.K. Cheong and T.C. Pan [Read] [Print] Poster

162 Developments in Emergency Planning
K.D. O'Kane and J.P. Brounts [Read] [Print] Session 9.3

163 Lateral Dynamic Soil Stiffness for Partially Embedded Foundations in Heterogeous Soils
T.N. Nogami and M.A.S. Mahbub [Read] [Print] Poster

164 Structural Design of a Seismic Isolated Building with a Guyed Tower
K. Saito, H. Tadokoro, M. Hayashi, T. Tsuchiya, K. Sumimura and I. Shibata [Read] [Print] Session 1.1

165 Grade 500 Reinforcement: Design Issues with L, N and E Grade Reinforcing Steel and the Overstrength of Pacific Steel Micro Alloy Reinforcement
C.J. Allington and D.K. Bull [Read] [Print] Session 7.2

166 Responding to Earthquake Hazard Effects: Promoting Household Resilience and Preparedness
D. Paton, L. Smith, M. Johnston, D. Johnston and K. Ronan [Read] [Print] Poster

167 A Constitutive Model for Concrete Cylinder Confined by Steel Reinforcement and Carbon Fiber Sheet
Y-F Li, T-S Fang and C-C Chern [Read] [Print] Poster

168 Fragility Curves for Seismically Retrofitted Concrete Bridges
S-H Kim [Read] [Print] Poster

169 Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Modeling for Earthqauke Damage Detection in Water Distribution System
S. Takada, N. Hassani and R. Rasti [Read] [Print] Poster

170 Background to the Testing of a Precast Concrete Hollowcore Floor Slab Building
J.G. Matthews, D.K. Bull and J.B. Mander [Read] [Print] Session 4.1

172 An Assessment of the Liquefaction Susceptibility of Adapazari Silt
R.B. Sancio, J.D. Bray, M.F. Riemer and H.T. Durgunoglu [Read] [Print] Session 3.2

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